Empower your employees with the tools to be in charge of their own peer to peer recognition program.

peer to peer recognition, peerceive

Royal Recognition is proud to announce Peerceive©, a web-based peer to peer recognition program that fills the recognition gap between hire date, first service award milestone and any day in between.


Reinforce positive communication between co-workers, increase employee trust and inter-personal relationships.


Program Highlights

Recognition Board

Personalized recognition board displaying earned trophies, buttons, e-cards and more.

Budget Control

Managers are able to assign specific budgets to departments with multiple levels of approvals.

Reward Store

Easily redeem your reward code for household items, tech gadgets and more through the built-in Reward Store.


Full reporting capabilities included on the Administrative side, with the ability to view the history of all events within Peerceive.

Tools at Your Fingertips

Search recipients by name, email address, department or even sub-organization within the company.


Peercieve adapts to nearly every screen size, moving effortlessly from desktop to smaller devices.


Top performing employees receive recognition every seven days.

Turn your workplace into one of inspiration & empowerment.