Peer to peer

PEERCEIVE® – is an everyday peer-to-peer recognition program where co-workers and management collaborate to acknowledge each other for their work achievements.

Creating a culture of recognition is about valuing individuals as human beings, while acknowledging their impact on the business and their intention to grow and have impact, which is especially important when they fail.

Work with us to create your own custom Interface

Peerceive App

PEERCEIVE® delivers an innovative and customizable workplace recognition solution that nurtures employee engagement. Post comments, add likes or attach Gifs, send recognition’s and include documents, photos and even videos.

Encourage team bonding over shared successes while deepening their connection to company goals. Reward and recognize positive behavior such as safety compliance is a sure way to guarantee more members of your team will want to get on board. Remember, the most powerful word in your leadership vocabulary is, “THANKS”.

Employees meeting and searching for ways too recognize each other on employee recognition platform
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