Workplace Recognition: The Great Balancing Act

A positive outlook, on the spot appreciation and career milestone awards are a few of the most important engagement techniques a business can utilize in today’s competitive marketplace. Viewing the bigger picture can be difficult at times. Overdo praise and it loses its perception of value. Under do and you’ll have employees leaving for greener pastures because they feel under appreciated. What’s a manager to do?

Thankfully, there are several ways to manage multiple recognition solutions without emphasizing one specifically. In order to recognize on both a macro and micro level, a multi-pronged approach is in order. A macro recognition solution, such as the company-wide service award programs that Royal Recognition offers, reward fairly and equally to those qualifying at any given year of service. More and more frequently, employers begin giving this type of recognition earlier, sending a clear message that newer employees hold as much value as one that is further along with the company. These awards tend to be greater in value, spread out over the course of an employee’s career and presented in a grandiose manner.

A micro solution is an every day individual-based recognition that integrates praise into an employee’s personal growth plan. Supervisors choose overachieving employees to recognize in the moment, relating a small speech to the context in which the award is given (so that others know how to strive for that achievement). By laying the groundwork for a successful on the spot program, businesses can avoid favoritism and recognize across the board. Day-to-day actions are the building blocks for bigger and better accomplishments in the workplace.

While a pat on the back from a supervisor is incredibly important to recognition culture, it needs to be frequent, fun and involve co-workers as well. Enter formalized peer-to-peer recognition programs, which have grown in popularity the last few years. Generally these programs are electronic based and can be accessed from a computer or smartphone to quickly nominate a co-worker for an award (but can be altered to suit any style of business.) The reward can be anything from publication in the company newsletter to obtaining a button to wear on their uniform—all small tokens of appreciation that speak worlds of your company’s recognition culture.

When strategically applied, a well-balanced ongoing recognition initiative is one of the most influential items in your business repertoire. Recognize often, fairly, allow your positive attitude to trickle down to your employees—and don’t be caught off guard when it starts to rub off. After all, recognition is incredibly contagious.


Date: 5th, 2014


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