Acknowledge the loyalty and longevity of careers by showing gratitude with employee-choice Service Award Programs.

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Great Effort, Great Rewards

Royal Recognition devotes ample time to developing custom programs catered to your organization's needs. We offer only the best brands available to you and your employees.

Gain Momentum

Strengthen career performance over time by improving relationships with managers and associates.

Open New Doors

Set the stage to promote new leadership. Celebrate the successes of longstanding careers and inspire recent hires to create long term goals within your organization.

Energize Careers

The average company loses 20-50% of its employee base every year. Encourage behavior that drives results by recognizing professional milestones along the way.

Milestone Recognition is a strategic way to reward every individual for their continued loyalty in the workplace. Royal Recognition’s Milestone Programs are custom-built from the ground up to live and breathe your organization’s corporate values.

All rewards in our standard Milestone Recognition programs are tax deductible.

Customizable Career Milestone Folder, Custom Certificate

Employee engagement programs can increase profits by as much as $2400 per employee per year