The recognition industry can be tough to navigate but full of good intentions. Our employee recognition solutions are designed to maximize the greatness already in play and create memorable interactions between managers and peers. Learn the why and how of our industry below.


Balancing Act

Understand the differences in recognition programs and how they all benefit your organization differently. Read more.


Explain the return on investment with recognition programs to higher ups with this easy to follow tool. Read more.

Peer to Peer

Produce near-instant results with a formal peer to peer program: the ultimate in social recognition. Read more.

Appreciating Long-Term Commitment

Appreciate your workforce with gratitude and an award for dedicated service. Read more.


Improve communication with a personalized touch. Read more.

Redefine Trophy

A reward is so much more than a physical gift of appreciation. Read more.


Positively impact office life and culture with these 10 quick tips. Read more.


Reevaluate the role of Human Resources and workplace recognition. Read more.


How to transition from different recognition sources. Read more.

Employee Empowerment

Make your workplace one of empowerment. Read more.

New Goals

Setting new goals for a new year. Read more.

Attract & Retain Talent

Create high performing employees and get off on the right foot with these quick and easy ideas. Read more.

The Finer ‘Points’ of Employee Programs

Learn the difference between event-based and points-based recognition programs.

Growing Healthcare through Recognition

How one hospital’s Career Milestone program contributed to their growth as an industry leader.

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