Corporate Gift Giving & The Holiday Bottom Line

Every year around this time at Royal Recognition, sales of promotional items and corporate gifts pick up into full swing. We couldn’t have said it better than Sarah Rohlfing in this Incentives magazine article:

Companies interested in gifting high-value items from top name brands, while keeping an eye on the bottom line, should look to incentive companies. Their factory-direct relationships with leading brands allow corporations to purchase in-demand items at the most competitive prices.

The holiday rush is on–make a point to stay organized, keep up on the latest trends, and make a statement with whatever corporate gifts you’re thinking of giving this winter.

Motivation, not Money

A recent article published by WorldatWork proves once again that nonfinancial benefits are the best type of motivators for employees. Even in this turbulent economic climate, when workers were asked “Are you considering leaving your job in the next few months?” several markets saw an increase of more than 10 percent!

Which begs the question, what are these magical motivators if money does not drive the workforce? As a manager you may not be able to offer them the ideal work-life balance, type of work or perfect co-workers, but there are little things that pay big. Consider these unique options:

  • If your office listens to the same radio station all day, call in and give them a shout out. It’ll put a smile on their faces and let them know they’re appreciated.
  • Take a little time out of your day to listen to your employees concerns outside of the office in a non-threatening atmosphere.
  • Be the receptionist or mail sorter for the day. Every employee contributes to your company being a well oiled machine. Or better yet, have the CEO do it.
  • Make sure your company’s goals are in line with the employee’s by making a fun chart that features rewards when you reach each mini-goal. It’s great team building and you’ll obtain your goal faster.
  • Start up a peer-to-peer recognition program, allowing a few of the most deserving employees to pick a gift for doing something truly great.
  • Run a “5-minute stretch” session on particularly stressful days and run around the building. Time to re-energize!

Respect is the #1 key in retaining happy employees. Have any other unconventional ways of showing respect? Let us know in the comments below.