Why badge accents?


Royal Recognition can design badge accents in all sizes, shapes–even colors. Talk to one of our design professionals to get started.


You’ll see your employees adorned with their badge accents every day.


Fulfill your organization’s recognition target with beautiful, yet economical badge accents.

What is a badge accent?

Literally speaking, badge accents are small, usually metal emblem that loops onto the plastic connection strap of your identification badge.

But they can be so much more!

While at work, your ID is on you 24/7. It is your gateway, your lifeline, to the various access points throughout the building. Why not make it a badge of honor as well?

How to Wear Your Badge Accent

  1. Unsnap the plastic badge ID connector and remove from your badge accent
  2. Attach your ID badge by inserting the strap through hold on your ID badge
  3. Slide the plastic strap through the badge accent and position the snap to fit in the middle of emblem
  4. Close snap

When finished, your ID badge and badge accent will both be facing the front.

badge accent back, connector

Our skilled craftspeople are ready to create your badge accent solution.