Valentines Day Giveaway!

Can YOU predict how many conversations are being held by the hearts in this 10″ x 5 1/2″ jar?

Guess the amount of hearts in this jar and win a gold-lacquered rose!

Guess how many candy hearts are and you could win one of the lacquered roses trimmed in 24 karat gold in the photo!

One entry per person, please. Winners will be posted Friday, February 15th.

Good luck and Happy Valentines Day!

Triumphant Team Spirit

It’s been said many times before: a company is only as successful as its employees. But the real magic happens when those employees become a team and collaborate, bringing new and innovative ideas to the table to keep your business moving forward.


Teamwork is important and we can’t agree more with these seven team building tips from Inc. Magazine’s Michael A. Olguin. Check them out here.

Hot Cocoa Bar for the 30th!

It’s January 30th.

And it just so happens that Royal Recognition turns 30 this year.

To kick our year-long celebration off, we set up a hot chocolate bar in the lunch room!


Breaking up the afternoon with a delicious treat!

Business as Usual

Another very busy Monday morning shipping thousands
of awards for our great clients!

Palettes lined up in warehouse ready to take off

Diverse inventory allows us to deliver in a short period of time

Thank YOU for your business.