2013 SHRM Show Reflections

The 2013 WISHRM Show has come and gone, but we are still swimming with knowledge from the wide variety of seminars and people stopping by our display. Royal Recognition conquered the “HR Waters” (the theme of the show) by setting up our booth with banners, video demo and a wading pool full of ducks and prizes.

Display for the 2013 WISHRM Show, LaCrosse, WI

Display for the 2013 WISHRM Show, LaCrosse, WI

This year we debuted our new peer to peer recognition system, peerceive™ that is launching some time 2nd quarter 2014.

peerceive™ – a web-based peer-to-peer recognition program filling the recognition gap from hire date, first service award milestone and any day in between.

With this online recognition system, expect:

  • Ample branding opportunities – client logo is prominently featured on all pages
  • Personalized recognition board displaying earned trophies, buttons, e-cards and more
  • Opportunities to send monetary and non-monetary gifts based on your budget levels
  • Several levels of approvals if required
  • Easily redeemable award codes
  • Quick access to the control panel containing your most current information and details about awards
  • Multiple gift options: send an e-card,High Five or gain manager approval to send a trophy
  • Full reporting capabilities are included on the Administrative side (including the ability to view history of all events within your program, approve and deny nomination requests, several search-able fields and more)
  • Additional customizable features

We cannot wait to share our latest offerings with you at the The Gulf Coast Symposium on Human Resource Issues in Houston! More information coming soon.

Royal Recognition Facts, Part 2


It’s hard to believe our 30th Anniversary year is almost over. Without further ado, here are 10 more facts about Royal Recognition:

  • We are headquartered in Muskego, Wisconsin (a 1.5 hour drive from Chicago) and have 58 sales offices strategically located throughout the United States that service several thousand corporate clients worldwide
  • Royal Recognition is in the top 1% of 16,800 incentive and promotional companies nationwide
  • Our Service Award Program is flexible enough to accommodate a teenager through retirement, and every age in between
  • There is recognition to be given in every type of workplace: our client breakdown consists roughly of 40% healthcare, 31% manufacturing, 15% banking & financial services, and 14% other industries
  • The average length of service on our team is an impressive 12 to 15 years
  • We are protecting our future: we’ve installed water purification systems as opposed to temporary water coolers, high efficiency lighting on timers and recycle both office and warehouse cardboard, paper & aluminum
  • Our return/damage rate is less then 1/10 a percent, whereas the industry average is 8-10% for damage or incorrect item
  • Royal Recognition’s catalogs are updated every day—and those updates are immediately reflected online & in brochures printed the same-day
  • All of our awards come with factory-direct warranties
  • In the coming years, things we are most looking forward to are growing our relationships with clients & employees, launching new, innovative programs that allow for easier recognition at your fingertips and substantial business growth

Thank you for spending the past 30 years with us. We look forward to hundreds more.

Construction Progress Update: Part 2

It’s another beautiful (but chilly) day at Royal Recognition! This week, crews created the framework for our new loading dock — digging out what will soon become an additional loading bay, carving out a section of the ground large enough for trucks to back into, framing the garage door sized hole in with cinder block and more.

Construction equipment chips away at the soil next to the building while crews make sure the ground stays level.

Heavy duty construction equipment chips away at the soil next to the building while crews make sure the ground stays on the correct decline.

It’s fascinating to watch the changes taking place each day, including what is going on inside the warehouse. The workers have built an entire insulated enclosure (which you can see in the photo above) to protect against the elements during the brisk Wisconsin winters. The wood planks are used as “doors” when crews are done working for the day.


Alternate photo of additional loading bay. Extra equipment sits behind machinery ready for use.

Next week, additional blacktop will be torn up and gravel laid to make way for the sloped concrete loading bay. Watch for more photos next week!

Construction has Begun!

Last week crews started digging and demolishing a portion of the Royal Recognition warehouse to make room for bigger and better things. We’ve hired the best in the business, MSI General Contractors, to help us integrate the existing space with our vision for the future.

Looking towards the loading dock

Looking towards the loading dock

The first phase of the project is a 35,000 square foot warehouse expansion including adding an additional loading bay to alleviate congestion on our busiest days.

Crews dig new drainage ditches around the building while admiring the Muskego water tower from inside the original loading dock.

Crews dig new drainage ditches around the building while admiring the Muskego water tower from inside the original loading dock

The second phase will come with a large office expansion making room for more desks, work spaces and most importantly–Recognition Professionals to keep up with our growing client base.

Stay tuned for exciting progress updates and additional photos!