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Keeping Employee Motivation Momentum

Say you have a luncheon where you recognize your employees for their loyalty and hard work throughout the year and their career.  You know the employees enjoy the event and appreciate knowing that their hard work has contributed to the success of the company.  But, what happens after the experience is no longer fresh in their minds and they go back to their daily routine?

Keeping employees motivated throughout the year is an important goal. Did the company implement a new strategic plan for success?  Has the economic environment caused the company to implement more aggressive targets? Or is everything just clicking along perfectly? Take the opportunity to share your appreciation in a motivational letter any time of the year!

A company-wide memo expressing your gratitude can help you achieve many things.  You have an opportunity to convey new strategies or targets and explain reasons for implementation.  By being up front and honest with employees regarding changes in business strategy, they feel integral to the success of the company.  Because they were included, you’ve proven how important every employee is to making a strategic plan work, and will further their drive to be an active participant in the future success of the company.

Combining traditional employee recognition programs with a strong communicative approach can tie everything together and create an environment where your employees feel appreciated and satisfied with their work.