Royal Recognition, Inc. inspires, rewards, and celebrates the contributions of valued employees around the world through the development of employee recognition programs.

Everyone deserves a little recognition – whether it’s an award for dedicated service, a thank you for a job well done or an incentive for meeting the sales goal that quarter.



Provide world-class recognition and reward solutions to organizations ready to harness the full potential of their workforce.



We listen & collaborate with our clients to cultivate a wide and vast culture of recognition their valued employees deserve. This allows for brand growth, employee enrichment, and ultimately increase business through employee satisfaction. Programs developed by Royal Recognition inspire, reward and celebrate for years to come.

diverse careers, diverse people, diverse recognition


  • Headquarters in Muskego, Wisconsin (about 1.5 hours north of Chicago, IL)
  • Serves healthcare, energy, financial industries and more
  • Our first client was a company called Waukesha Dresser, a locally-owned business looking to plan their employee recognition program
  • Provides hundreds of recognition moments daily
  • Our tagline, “Inspire | Reward | Celebrate®” originated from the need to inspire greatness, reward strategically and celebrate accomplishments in the workplace
  • RRI mascots, Canyon & Pavi keep us company every day.



2008 – 2020


Royal Recognition Headquarters are centrally based in Wisconsin, where our founders were born and raised. We are proud of our heritage (and our football team – GO PACK GO!)

Royal Recognition is proud to be a member of the Wisconsin Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management.

Royal Recognition is a preferred workplace recognition supplier of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration.


Royal Recognition is a Wisconsin Department of Administration certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

As members of the Fair Labor Association, Royal Recognition collaborates with manufacturers around the world to support fair labor practices worldwide.


Royal Recognition prides itself as being a responsible community leader.
We make continual efforts to improve and enhance the quality of our community relationships in and around the world.


Royal Recognition lives sustainably through our commitment to protect our environment by reducing our waste and energy consumption.

By updating our light fixtures and installing reverse osmosis water systems, we have reduced our energy and natural resource consumption by nearly 30% over the last 5 years.

We have decreased our packaging waste by over 28% this past year and are using more efficient packaging methods to further minimize excess paper and waste. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage our clients to do the same.