New Year, New Goals

Underneath all the promises to eat healthy, stay fit, and spend more time with family lies the real theme of New Years Resolutions: to better yourself and the lives of others. Remind yourself of this as you set your department’s recognition goals for the New Year. Business-related objectives centering on employees are great for workplace morale and the bottom line.

Have a Plan
Ask yourself what kinds of recognition practices best align with your company’s mission statement and vision. Can your department focus on staff retention & morale or do they need a broad-spectrum tool kit? What events would the company like to recognize? Visualize a rough outline of events (whether they be career milestones, sales incentives, safety goals – or even special occasions such as marriage, children, or the upcoming holidays) and get in touch with a formal recognition supplier such as Royal Recognition, Inc. They will assist you to further define your goals and program so you do not have to do it alone.

Streamline the Recognition Process
Often times, managers are burdened with more work than they can delegate and workplace recognition falls by the wayside. Don’t miss this key opportunity to acknowledge employee achievements! By increasing your employee engagement budget just 10% to invest in a formal recognition program like Royal Recognition’s Total Recognition Solution, company profits could increase by $2,400 per employee per year. Create a positive interaction between supervisor and employee by having the congratulatory package routed to the employee’s supervisor. They then may hand deliver it to the employee, saving administrative time while conveying a personalized touch. After all, companies that show appreciation by engaging their employees outperform those who don’t by up to 202%!

Encourage Professional Interactions Between Employees
Communication is the backbone of the workplace and is necessary to conduct business daily. Encourage everyday acknowledgement and gratitude as an HR leader through peer to peer recognition tools like Peerceive®. Peerceive® is a web-based program that features virtual high fives, personalized recognition boards to display trophies, badges, certificates and more. Leaders are able to track positive interactions between employees, who gives the most recognition, what employee contributes the most and more. Peer to Peer programs directly contribute to a more positive work environment, improved relationships at work, and boost company pride while providing the instant feedback that every employee craves.

To quote business author James C. Collins, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Take a moment to send out a simple “thanks” or, better yet, hand write notes to the entire staff with a message of hope and happiness this holiday season. A business is only as successful as its employees – so make a New Years Resolution to let them know how much you care.

This article was originally written by Royal Recognition and published in the Wisconsin State Council Society of Human Resource Management newsletter.


Date: 5th, 2014


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