Better than Basic: How to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Success depends on having the best people working for your organization. How does your business set itself apart from similar workplaces to attract new & retain talent? As positions become more complex, basic orientation periods no longer suffice as the sole source of training within a company. Create high performing employees and get off on the right foot with these quick and easy ideas below.

Day One
There are few things worse than having an employee feel lost on their first day on the job. Greet them when they walk in the door, introduce yourself, and provide them with tools to help them through the first few months of training. Armed with their shiny new pen, personalized notebook or even backpack, they will feel included and ready to take on their new responsibilities with vengeance. The faster new hires feel prepared, the quicker they are able to contribute to their new workplace.

In the Interim
The first 100 days are critical for new employees to feel included as part of the team. Provide multiple check-in points and allow for plenty of questions and feedback. When they grasp a difficult concept specific to their new position, acknowledge it by introducing them to your Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program (such as Peerceive© by Royal Recognition). With this incredible tool, administrators can track the frequency and results of recognition moments in the workplace, while colleagues have fun giving badges and kudos to display on their recognition board. These strategically planned recognition solutions nurture employee engagement and emphasize inclusion in the workplace.

End of Introductory Period
Hooray! That same employee you welcomed on their first day has proven to have the ability and motivation to breeze through their introductory period. Celebrate this achievement by rewarding them with a token of appreciation that reinforces company values. With this branded item from your Company Store, the enthusiastic employee can literally wear their company pride on their sleeve. Take the time to discuss potential new efficiencies within their new department, how they feel their training period went, and genuinely appreciate their input. With every new hire is an opportunity to take advantage of fresh viewpoints within the company.

Hiring Incentives
Keep the cycle going by offering hiring or referral incentives. For certain positions, offering a hiring incentive can attract key people that wouldn’t otherwise look at the available opening. Referral incentives capitalize on the talent already available within your organization to entice people that otherwise may not be looking for a change of career. Both strategies are customizable to any business and are easily relatable.

Data shows that 25% of all Americans make some sort of employment transition every year. With the proper motivation and better than basic training, your top employees are guaranteed to stick around and keep your business moving toward the future.


Date: 5th, 2015


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